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Terri B. - Host Broadcast Radio Show

"I have had inflamation and joint pain for years and was dignosed with RA in 2009.  The treatments I received relieved my pain somewhat, but not fully as my conditon continued its dabilitating progression, causing me to ultimently apply for disability, as I was unable to handle the rigors associated with making my living (personal appearances; working with sponsors; writing the show, etc.). At risk of sounding dramatic, I’d pretty much given up hope of A future that doesn’t include A wheel chair eventually. Hmmm…that did sound dramatic, but there it is anyway.”  

“Then came Boomers Forever Young and the Boomer Youth Booster products…”

“I now have less pain so need less medical tratments/medication, and with the use of all the techniques provided on the website (EFT, lymph drainage, etc.)."

I feel hope, for the first time in years; that my joint damage can be arrested, my RA controlled. And, without the heavy pharmaceuticals that carry some interesting side-effects (you’ve heard/seen the commercials: “can cause serious reactions up to and including DEATH” – sheesh – the remedy can kill me…!)”

“I have been given back my life.”

“And I am, and shall forever be, very grateful.”

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