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Stan E. - Peroiria, AZ

“In 1990 a 2000 lb palette of canned goods fell out of my delivery truck and on top of me. I suffered 11 ruptured discs in my back and nearly had my thumbs ripped off as it fell on me.

Before Boomer Products I relied heavily on painkillers to help me deal with my pain and better my quality of life. After spending 24 years and over $20,000 trying many different nutrition products that were supposed to help, I was about to give up and live with the pain for the rest of my life. I even asked the doctors to amputate my thumbs because the pain was so excruciating.

About 4 months ago I heard Bob on a radio show and decided to give supplements one more try. Well, I've faithfully been using the Youth Booster Pro Kit for 3 months now. My mind is blown every morning I wake up as I notice the pain go away more and more each day! The back pain I have dealt with for 24 years is all but gone away! The Thumbs that I requested to be amputated are 95% pain free and getting stronger everyday!

Boomers Products have completely changed my life and quality of living and I look forward to enjoying the rest of my life with the help of these products!”

-Stan E.

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