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Randall G. - Springfield, OH


" I have had swelling in my feet, ankles and calves for years. No matter where I went for help, no one could help me. I tried Everything.

I could not even wear shoes.

I started taking the Boomer Forever Young products, the Barley, the Boost and The vitamins that came in the Youth Booster Pro Kit. In about 4 to 5 months I began to notice that my swelling was receding. I have taken these products faithfully for 13 months and no longer have any swelling. I can even wear normal shoes again!!

I never had this kind of results with any of the products, that any of the many clinics I looked to for help tried. Most clinics and individuals didn't even know what my problem was.

These Boomer products in the Youth Booster Kits are fantastic, and I will continue to use them faithfully."

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