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Karen Moller - Customer Relation Specialist, Minnesota

"I have had a Reoccurring Severe Skin Rash for 37 yrs. During that time it was always popping up somewhere on my body-mostly on my elbows. Sometimes it would appear on my face, back, stomach. skull, behind my ears or even my nose. Needless to say, it was very uncomfortable; not only because of the physical discomfort I was experiencing, but also from a Psychological standpoint. I was embarassed when I thought people were looking at my skin rashes. Within weeks of starting on the Boomers Forever Young products, amazingly, all traces of my severe skin rash went away after suffering with it for 37 years! You can only imagined how pleased I was about that!

I have also been noticing an increase in my energy, especially in the morning. I do a lot of business travel, and now, whether I am at home or in a hotel, instead of getting up at my normal time of 6 or 7am, I now have enough energy to get up at 4:30 to start a productive day!

I also no longer have swollen knees, and my hot flashes, in terms of frequency and intensity, seemed to have diminished greatly! Being so happy with all of these positive changes, when a product specialist from Boomers called just to see how i was feeling on the products, I suggested to them that I would be very open to share my experiences for others to see!

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