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Julia M. - Florida,USA

Hi Bob!!

This is Julia from the Big Call Family!!

I must tell you that I am absolutely LOVING My Boomer Boost together with the SPROUTED BARLEY PLUS!!

I've tried many green powders in the past and though I knew they "were good for me," I would have to gag it down! YUK!


I love the taste of these two products together and how it makes me feel!!!

I even mix it with just a cup of cold water, adding a half a packet of chopped Frozen-Organic-Thai-Coconut...for, as you know, it's good to Chew-Your-Drink!!

I follow the Ketogenic Lifestyle with intermittent fasting between breakfast and dinner.


So, here's what works for me:

I enjoy my glass of "The-Big-Call-Concoction," (TBCC) first thing when I wake up...

Then about 11 am, I have breakfast...Then about 4-5 pm, as my energy is dissipating, I enjoy a 2nd glass of (TBCC) and this keeps me energetic right to dinner time, around 7pm!!


I love It!!!

Incidentally, I've dropped 4lbs from Monday-Thursday!! I am So Happy!!

I can't recommend BOOMER-BOOST w SPROUTED BARLEY-PLUS enough!!



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