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Jude V. Dickinson - North Dakota

I have been disabled since 2011. Most of the time, I was unable to walk very far because of extreme inflammation and fatigue. With my disability, I stayed at home quite often, most of that time spent in my room and in bed. I had a difficult time walking very far, and I very seldom felt well enough to even get in a car. And, for the last four years, I never traveled in a plane, sadly I couldn't even go back to Maui for my 27 year old son's funeral because I was told by a doctor that I was unable to do so.

During my disability, I had a very poor memory, and was often unable to remember people’s names, my vocabulary was shot, and I would even have to get a calculator out to subtract the year that each of my children were born just to know how old they were.

Due to my inactivity from being disabled, I went up to 247 pounds. My blood pressure sometimes rose to 180 and if I panicked it would go up in the 200’s. Because of how poorly I felt, I decided to do some Internet research and learned that aspartame was considered by some health care professionals to be very harmful to the body. Learning the negative effects of aspartame, I decided to completely give up drinking Diet Coke (that I had been drinking for 30 years) about a month before starting to take the Boomers Forever Young products.

My husband learned about the Boomers Forever Young products about a year or so ago by listening to endless radio shows with Bob Gilpatrick on an Internet Radio Show. As he learned about them, he felt certain the products would be beneficial for me to take But, for some reason, I was totally resistant to the idea of starting the Boomers Forever Young products. I would even put my fingers in my ears begging him to stop talking about this product. One day I tried to get out of bed and everything hurt, I was having spasms under my left ribcage and in excruciating pain. Finally, after seeing tears in my Husbands eyes and another ride to the Doctor's office I decided to listen to my persistent husband, I reluctantly agreed to try the Boomers products.

The first month after I stopped drinking Diet Coke I started to feel a little better. Though, I still continued to have high blood pressure, tiredness, and my weight remained pretty much unchanged. Within only three weeks of starting the Boomers Forever Young products, I am very pleased to report have I just weighed myself and learned that I have gone down from 247 pounds to 222 pounds, I have now been walking 2 miles per day 4 times a week, my memory is much improved, I am now able to recall people’s names, hold down a conversation with people, and yes, I know the ages of my kids, Grand kids, Great grandson., and also their birthdays. My eyes are now clear.

I went to my Doctor and he was truly amazed, because for the first time in years my blood pressure was finally under control, he said it was as low as someone healthy in their 30's. Even his nurses and receptionist noticed. I thought, do I really look and act that different? My Husband had always taken me to my appointments because I would get so confused and not even remember what was discussed at the appointment and sometimes why I was even there. Now I get on buses and go to appointments by myself.

As a result of feeling so much better, I decided to study for my permit to get a driver's license. I haven't had one since 1994. Last Friday, I passed that test and started driving.

Because of my prior disabled condition, I hadn’t been able to fly to Hawaii to see my children in almost 5 years. Now, in a few weeks, I will be flying to Hawaii to see my children again, and meet my 3 year old Grandson for the first time. I am so happy that my husband kept urging me to take the Boomers Forever Young products, and I highly recommend that if you want to have more energy, less inflammation and more mental clarity, you should consider taking Boomers Forever Young products too.

God Bless Boomers Forever Young, for it has truly change my life. P.S. I will keep you posted...

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