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Jim C. - Pennsylvania

I've been using the Youth Booster Kit for a month now. Before I started the Youth Booster Kit I was in very good shape for a 68 yr old man. I am very active and run my own business. I had a few minor health issues related to my work. I use my hands every day to torque things like pipe caps off of industrial size pipes. Doing this over the years caused a lot of inflammation particularly in my right hand.

About a month into using the Youth Booster Pro Kit I noticed that the swelling and pain from the inflammation in my right hand has already started to improve. But that's not all...I have also noticed that I have started to lose weight in places I had never been able to lose weight in before, and I have definitely gained muscle mass and strength as well. My hair and my fingernails are growing almost twice as fast as they used to. Instead of my razor lasting a week or so I have to change it after 3 days of shaving!

I work outside a lot and usually wear sunscreen, I have used the same sunscreen for yrs. Well, my wife and I were out to breakfast the other day and she asked me if I had started using something different on my skin. I told her no, just the same sunscreen I've been using for years. Her response was, "Are you sure...because the skin on your Neck and Face look a lot tighter, you almost look younger.

When she told me that it about blew me away! Besides starting the Youth Booster Kit about a month ago, I haven't done anything different in my daily routine.

I am confident in saying that the positive changes I have experienced over the last month are attributed to Boomers Youth Booster Pro Kit. I plan on continuing to use these products and look forward to additional health benefits yet to come.

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