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Diane A. - USA

I have a soy allergy, my sensitivity is so severe that I can't eat an egg from a hen that was fed soy. So, you can understand my fear of trying this, but after listening to Bob talk about the advantages of the shake, I really wanted to try it.

I started the Boomers shake on Saturday with just ½ of the scoop, no reaction. Sunday and Monday, I did the normal amount and still no reaction and I'm beyond excited.

This morning, with the change in my routine (drinking shake before leaving the house). I forgot to grab my coffee and when I realized I didn't have the caffeine, I was afraid I would be really tired all day. On the contrary I’m awake and energized and I have also given up my sleep aide to take the Good Night Formula. I used to be kind of groggy all day, even with coffee-not-now! I'm awake and feeling well.

I'm going to use this for a few more days, just to be sure, then I will be adding the Barley. I'm glad I finally caved and bought some!

Thanks for your explanation and help!


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