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Dawn M. - Southern California

I just wanted to give Rollie, Bob G. and everyone at Boomer's Forever Young an update to what I have added and how I'm doing!!!



First of all these products are the BEST PRODUCTS around the world as far as I'm concerned!!!


I started with just Boomer Barley ( a few molecules at a time,up to less then a 1/4 scoop a day). I have no more joint or thumb pain in my body (major issue when working with horses).



I added the protien powder( Barley level 2) for more energy and a better sleep. I used 1/4 scoop of powder at time so that my body could adjust slowly. After I was able to work up to 1/2 a scoop, I called Rollie and gave him an update and wanted to add Lignans to my daily intake.



I have chronic migraines and a lot of hormone related issues. I ordered the Lignans and was only able to take it a few days before my intestines decided I needed to back off a little. I was only able to take it twice and I did feel a huge difference. I'm now started back on everything and the Lignans as well, so I hope I can manage a little of everything so that I can continue to feel better.



I ordered the GOOD NIGHT SLEEP FORMULA and I'm in Heaven every night! I can't believe how well I'm able to sleep, I don't toss and turn all night, I feel refreshed each morning and I'm in a better mood because I slept so well. I don't feel drowsy, ( I have two young children I need to wake up for, if they need me).


I don't feel heavy with the GOOD NIGHT FORMULA like I did with other sleep aides, and I'm alert as if I hadn't taken anything! I love it!!! I gave my husband two tablets of the GOOD NIGHT FORMULA and he didn't move one inch and he didn't snore extremely loud (like normal). He got a good nights sleep (pun intended) and he is a hard card to sell too!


I wanted to say thank you for coming into my life and my families lives!!!

I feel like I should be writing a book about my life up to now, so that others can benefit from my journey, because I love to help people and if my journey helps one person then I'm blessed!!!



Thank you Bob, Rollie, and the Boomer's Forever Young Staff! I'M BLESSED TO KNOW YOU ALL!!


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