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Brian Ross - Endurance Runner, Oviedo Fl

“I have been taking the products for 6 months now, and I've been running for about 3 yrs, I haven't been running my whole life. I was just running and having fun. I had about a 9:30 pace, If your a runner you'll know what that means, it's pretty decent but not real fast. I discovered Boomer boost and the Youth Booster Kit through Bob. Probably after a month or so my energy level started to increase, and then my endurance level started to increase! The most dramatic thing has been the time on my running. I went from 9:30 to an average of about 7:45 per mile! That's an extreme difference in such a short amount of time! My recovery seems to be much quicker too. I am running about 4 days a week without a lot of leg pain. Its been an amazing thing for me! It Keeps me full and at the same time gives me a lot of energy. I'm just hoping I continue to drop my times. I'm 44 years old so I have plenty of life to live!”

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