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Dr. Gary Greig - Southern California

My wife and I have been on the Boomer Boost powder and the Barley level 2 for 2.5 months now, and we FEEL the difference already. Our minds are clearer, our energy levels are higher, and we no longer feel the constant food cravings, since our bodies are getting what they need from these products. I have lost 10 pounds. We are experiencing the age reversing that Bob Gilpatrick speaks of and that Larry exemplifies. The flax lignans have supercharged our immune systems. A couple of weeks ago, when I had a swollen sore throat, I took a couple of scoops of flax lignans by mouth and within an hour the swelling and soreness was gone and I felt normal again.

Thank you all our friends at Boomers Forever Young! God bless you all from Southern California.

 Dr. Gary S. Greig, Ph.D.

The University of Chicago, 1990  

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