Boomer Starter System + ProBio

Starter System + ProBiotics

The Most Comprehensive Combination of Nutrients Available Anywhere in an Easy to Use System is perfect for those:  

  • who want to Increase Energy
  • with Blood Pressure Issues
  • who want Comprehensive Nutrition
  • who want to Achieve a Healthy Body Weight
  • who want to Strengthen Immune System


Our Starter Systems are Ideal for the Brand New User, who wants to get started with the Whole SHABANG! Starter Systems come with a 4 week supply of each product for New Users, as well as Boomer's book, Vibrant Living and a FREE Blender Bottle you can use to easily mix your supplements. After the first month it is recommended to order a Refill Health System.


Starter System + ProBiotics

The Supplements in Your Boomer Starter System + ProBiotics Work Synergistically to Help Achieve Optimal Wellness.

Boomer Barley - Cleanses and Detoxifies & Provides the Equivalent of 10 grams of Pre-Digested Protein

Boomer Boost - Maximizes Energy and Vitality 

Premium Pro-Biotics - Builds Intestinal and Immune Health 

Omega-3 - Supports Brain and Heart Health 

Vitamin D-3 - Improves Bone and Gene Health

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Boomers is the exclusive source for Boomer Boost, Boomer Barley & the World’s Most Advanced Anti-Aging System

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