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(Intro Jar) Gladiator Barley

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Gladiator Barley Helps:

- Increase Muscle Strength
- Build Bone Density
- Detoxify

NOTE: The amount in this jar will allow a New User to Ease into the barley over a 4 week period, after which you will want to reorder Full Size Refill Jars

Nourish Yourself and Save Money on Groceries & Supplements!


(Intro Jar) Gladiator Barley

Boomer Sprouted Barley Seeds contain up to 400x the amount of Nutrients than other Plant Based Products.

Boomer Barley is a Complete Source of Amino Acids and Metabolic Enzymes.
The ability to fully absorb nutrients is essential to good health.

Boomer Barley is easy to digest and allows up to 95% Absorption of Pre-digested Protein, Metabolic Enzymes, Amino Acids, and Superoxide Dismutase.

Remove Toxins: Toxins get trapped in our bodies from the natural accumulation of cellular debris (the creation of super oxide) and exposure to environmental toxins. Over time the buildup of these toxins can lead to fatigue, inflammation, and disease.

Keto Diet Support: Boomer Barley provides an abundant source of fiber and a clean and moderate amount of Amino Acids.

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