Heavy Metal Detox

Boomer Zeolite

What is ZEOLITE?

Zeolite is a Powerful Detoxifying Product that can detoxify your body from Heavy Metals you may have been exposed to.

Zeolite is a breakthrough supplement that works at the cellular level by trapping heavy metals and toxins and safely removing them from the body.

These toxins include but are not limited to:

  • Barium
  • Nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF]
  • Radioactive thorium
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Nickel
  • Ethylene di-bromide
  • Benzene
  • Aluminum
  • Mercury
  • Lead


Boomer Zeolite

How does ZEOLITE Work? 

The actual Zeolite molecule is shaped like a honey-comb and carries a natural negative (-) charge. When this type of Zeolite is ingested into the body all of the positively charged (+) heavy metals, toxins, and harmful chemicals bond with the zeolite and will start being flushed out through urination within 6-8 hours.

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