Omega-3, Support Keto Diet

Boomer Omega-3

Health Highlight of Boomer Omega-3's

  • Heart Health
  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol
  • Brain Health
  • Supports Keto Diet


Boomer Omega-3

Benefits of Using Omega-3

Heart Health: Supplementing with Omega-3 can lower the risk heart attack and stroke. American medical researchers reported that people who consumed omega-3 regularly had a 50 percent lower risk of a sudden cardiac event than do people who do not consume omega-3 on a regular basis.

Cholesterol Health: Omega-3 can reduce the enzyme activity that causes the liver to metabolize fat, reducing liver triglycerides significantly.

Brain Health: EPA and DHA keep the dopamine levels in your brain high, increase neuronal growth in the frontal cortex of your brain, and increase cerebral circulation. Research has shown fish oils help reduce depression, mental fatigue, anxiety, and stress.

Keto Diet Support: Boomer Omega 3's a re a High Quality source of Healthy Fats that the Keto Diet requires to burn for Energy.

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