African Mango Trim+Fit

African Mango Trim+Fit

New Improved AFRICAN MANGO TRIM + Fit with additional Natural Compounds that aid in Weight Release

African Mango Trim + Fit Promotes:

  • Safe & Effective Weight Loss (1)
  • Sustained Appetite Suppression (4)
  • Improved Metabolic Processes (3)
  • Increased Metabolism (2)


African Mango Trim+Fit

African Mango Extract has been found to be an effective appetite suppressant that supports safe and effective weight loss.

The African Mango Extract found in Boomer Trim + Fit is a natural compound. When taken twice daily Boomer Trim + Fit promotes Safe and Effective Weight Loss by providing sustained appetite suppression throughout the day without feelings of restlessness allowing you to remain clear, steady, and calm. (4)

In a series of weight loss studies, many participants who used African Mango Extract twice a day lost an average of 5% body weight within 10 weeks and had significant reductions in their body fat and waist circumferences. (1) (4)

Our Newest Formulation of African Mango Trim + Fit Includes additional Natural Compounds to Help accelerate Natural Weight Release, Please see the Supplement Panel for complete list.

 References for the above information:

1. The effect of Irvingia gabonensis seeds on body weight and blood lipids of obese subjects in Cameroon

2. Irvingia gabonensis fat: nutritional properties and effect of increasing amounts on the growth and lipid metabolism of young rats

3. African bush mango effects on weight

4. African Mango: Clinical Overview

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