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Larry Daudelin and Bob Gilpatrick started Boomers Forever Young in 2010.

While working together on numerous projects, Bob, who is a holistic health therapist, began helping Larry (then 65 years old) with different health concerns that are typically seen in people his age. The typical person with 20 bottles of vitamin pills on top of their refrigerator, numerous prescription medications and in rapidly declining health.

Using his experience of 20 years in holistic nutrition, Bob helped Larry craft a comprehensive foundational nutrition program for the purpose of restoring his health. After two months, Larry had lost many pounds of fat, gained significant energy, reduced his prescription medications and looked visibly younger.

Larry was scheduled for two surgeries that were able to be postponed as the pain and dysfunction were no longer an issue for him. Another 4 months went by and Larry lost 20 more pounds of fat. Additionally, he was able to eliminate the last of his many prescription drugs.

Ecstatic at his dramatic turnaround, Larry suggested that Boomers Forever Young be created to give others an idea of what was possible when you have complete foundational nutrition.

A business plan was created and the work began by meeting with experts in nutritional formulating, legal compliance and distribution.

We began by spending a year creating a Powerhouse comprehensive nutrition product that we call Boomer Boost. A number of scientists and doctors assisted in creating the precise ratios that the individual nutrients needed to be in. There are 70 ingredients in all, including the basic building blocks of human life and the formula is designed specifically for people 40 years and older, but is perfectly balanced and safely formulated for people of any age. There are essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and specialty nutrients. 

A major breakthrough had occurred when BFY was introduced to a Horticultural Scientist who was producing a product made from organic barley seeds. This product, now called Boomer Barley, is loaded with Super Oxide Dismutase and pre-digested protein. One of the main benefits is that it cleanses the small intestine of the plaque, and restores the villi that absorb nutrition.

We knew if people were to take Boomer Barley they would absorb up to 95 % of all of the nutrition in Boomer Boost. Most people only absorb about 15% of their nutrients.

To get a therapeutic level of the nutrients in Boomer Boost without Boomer Barley, much more product would need to be consumed. Many people would not be able to afford a product with 4 times as much ingredients which would be necessary with poor absorption.

As Larry and our first clients started to take Boomer Boost and Boomer Barley together, we realized that the combination of these two products was even more special than we had hoped. Now for the first time in history, by combining Boomer Barley and Boomer Boost together, people could get complete foundational nutrition they need at an affordable price.

Each day we are ever blessed with opportunities to provide help and support. As people started getting their foundational nutrition in line with this dynamic new combination, their energy came back and they felt a new youthful vitality.*

Today we have several doctors who use our products and refer their patients to us. We also have countless, happy, customers and a great base of positive experience to grow from. 

Please take a look at our Reviews page and see what some of our clients have to say. REVIEWS

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Update & Results

Larry's Blood Analysis Report

We are happy to add an update to the Boomers Forever Young story by sharing some remarkable test results with you.

With Larry’s participation in product trials, his responsibility is to stay vigilant with taking our products and to track his results on a regular basis.

Larry’s blood chemistry results have been continually improving and he has been gaining muscle mass and maintaining an excellent BMI (body mass index). At his last scheduled six-month physical, Larry had his blood work done.

The results were amazing, to say the least.

A complete micro-nutrient testing was done along with CRP and detailed lipid panel.

Every micro-nutrient was in the positive range without a single deficiency.

Larry’s C-reactive protein was .27. Below 1.0 is considered excellent. This is a measure of inflammation in the body and a strong predictor of heart disease. 

At .27, this is an indication of almost no inflammation in Larry’s body. Inflammation is a primary indicator in many diseases.

Larry’s vitamin D3 level was 69,000. 

This is also excellent and highly important as D3 expresses 22% of the human genome. Numerous diseases have been linked to a D3 deficiency.

Larry’s lipid panel showed no sign of high cholesterol and ample HDL (good cholesterol).

Larry has been taking Boomer products consistently for three years. He is now off all medications and is free of any pain. His energy level is high despite the rigors of running multiple companies.

*Results not typical and may vary based on the individual.

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