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5 Important Tests to Help Prevent Heart Disease

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Identifying Adults at High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease may have just gotten a Little Bit Easier.

A New Guideline, cosponsored by the American Diabetes Association and the European Society of Endocrinology suggests primary care providers screen for these 5 components of risk at their next visit:

  • waist size

  • blood pressure

  • HDL cholesterol

  • triglycerides

  • glucose/HbA1C

If Health Care providers were to check these simple components of risk, it could significantly help identify high risk adults who need to improve their lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Through years of experience in helping individuals achieve their health goals, Boomers also knows of 3 additional tests that should be taken in addition to the five above, to monitor your health and risk of potential disease. In addition the following 3 Test should be requested at your next office visit:

  • Iron Test

  • C-Reactive Protein or CRP

  • Vitamin D3 Test

An Iron Test will tell you the amount of Iron in your Blood and Can be a good indicator of Possible Future Disease.

A C-Reactive Protein Test will provide you with a fairly accurate marker of the amount of inflammation present in your body. Inflammation is a precursor to Chronic Disease so this test can be very helpful.

A Vitamin D Test is a good indicator of Overall Health and New research shows that higher Doses of Vitamin D3 can help ward off Chronic Disease.

Please be sure to consult with your Physician for a Full Explanation of the above mentioned tests and what they mean for your Health!

A great way to address all of these issues is with Boomers Total Health System that Includes all of the Components to help lower the Risks associated with Chronic Disease.

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