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2 Important New Findings in Dementia Prevention

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Clean Mouth could Help Avoid Alzhemier's Disease...

Would you believe bacteria in your mouth could cause Alzheimer’s Disease? Porphyromonas gingivalis or (Pg), is the bacteria involved in periodontal disease that may cause AD.

The Drug Company Cortexyme Inc is testing this theory with an investigational agent COR388, which targets gingipains, the toxic proteases released by Pg.  

"Our findings suggest that there's hope for a new and very different approach to Alzheimer's disease", Michael Detke, MD, PhD, chief medical officer for Cortexyme, told Medscape Medical News.

It appears that gingivitis is causing inflammation via a toxic substance that is produced when an abundance of gingivitis is present. Cortexyme Inc has created a drug to help block this toxic substance in hopes of curing Alzheimers Disease.

Boomers Forever Young has been helping people with an overgrowth of Bacteria in their mouths for years with a product called Hydrolite.

Here is the Protocol:

Hydrolite Mouth Care Protocol:

  • Swish Coconut Oil in mouth for up to 5 minutes and Spit out.

  • Rinse mouth with water and spit out.

  • Spray 2 pumps of diluted Hydrolite (To dilute Hydrolite put 1 drop into 2 ounces of water.) into mouth and swish for 30 Seconds and swallow.

    (Alternatively, (if unable to dilute) Put I drop of pure Hydrolite on your tongue, swish and swallow.)

  • After swallowing Hydrolite take a pinch of Pro-Biotics in mouth and swish for 30 seconds and swallow in order to re-cultivate mouth with good bacteria

Preventing Strokes is Key to avoiding Dementia...

The second important finding is that preventing strokes could be the most important strategy in the prevention of Dementia. 

Only 1 in 4 Strokes are even detectable, however all of them contribute to Dementia.

A new initiative for preventing Dementia based out of Canada is focusing on Stroke Prevention by encouraging the reduction of excess inflammation and toxicity throughout the body, as these factors are high contributors to Stroke Incidence.

Boomers Forever Young offers products that reduce inflammation and detoxify your body, which are 2 of the most important and effective preventative strategies for Strokes. One option to try would be our EssentialValue Pack which contains Gladiator Barley and Boomer Boost, 2 great ways to reduce inflammation, detoxify & build strength at the same time.

Additionally Micro-circulation can be enhanced with PEMF Device Intervention.

For info about an awesome PEMF Device Call us at 1 800 861 4609.

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